My Vaxx Journey KICK COVID Video Giveaway Guideline

How to create your My Vaxx Journey Video

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the #MyVaxxJourney video giveaway. This social media campaign is led by the Indigenous Youth COVID-19 Working Group on Vaccine Uptake in partnership with the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) in Canada!

Your voice is an important part of this campaign. By sharing your personal experience about how you felt on your COVID-19 vaccination journey (during the pandemic, before vaccination, during your first dose, after your second dose), it will help provide a trusted voice from - and for - Indigenous Youth.

Once completed, reviewed and approved, your video will be shared via the campaign’s website and social media accounts with the hashtag #MyVaxxJourney. Accounts include:

Making your own video might be a little nerve-wracking, so to help you, we have created a video script guideline as an example of how to prepare your vaxx journey experience.

We encourage each participant to speak to your own journey in your own words, whatever is comfortable for YOU! But if you are still unsure how you want to make your video, we have provided the following script to help you decide how you can prepare to share your story.

Disclaimer: Please read the Giveaway Rules and Terms and Conditions to know what you cannot say or do in the video.


Hello! (We encourage you to introduce your story in your own Indigenous language, or in English - whichever is more comfortable for you.)

My name is (First name only) and I am (First Nations, Metis, Inuit - can identify) from (city, province or nation).

I was nervous about getting my vaccination because honestly, I’m scared of (doctors, health care centres, needles). Also, I don’t like being in a hospital. But I went ahead and booked an appointment at a community centre to ask some questions.

I felt more comfortable going to the (community centre / health centre / Friendship Centre / Indigenous vaccination clinic) to ask some questions and make my own decision if I was going to get vaccinated. It was much better than the hospital.

My best friend came with me to help me calm down because I was anxious about getting vaccinated. I was worried about being alone and if something bad happened.

But nothing bad happened and after getting vaccinated, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I didn’t even feel the needle. It’s so tiny! After a couple of days after the first shot, I called the centre and booked my second dose appointment for 28 days later.

So, now that I have my first vaxx, I’m ok. I’m doing this so we can get out of this pandemic, and to help everyone in my community.

Thank you, Merci, Meegwetch, Nakurmiik, Maarsiv for your participation in the #MyVaxxJourney campaign.

Your story is important and your voice can make a difference!